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Scotswood Retreat

Scotswood Retreat is a sober living home in the historic Manor House of Weltevreden, one of the oldest homes in Lakeside, Cape Town, just 5 mins from the very popular Muizenberg Beach.

A Nurturing Sober Environment

Scotswood provides a welcome retreat for individuals who would like to live in a safe, comfortable, recovering, nurturing and sober environment. We offer a holistic therapeutic approach which aims to encourage guests who have completed a primary/secondary phase of rehabilitation or have been free from their addiction for 45 days to take ever increasing responsibility over their day to day lives, freedom of movement, financial responsibility and decision making – while still having the security of community living and guidance or coaching where necessary.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is based on the 12 Step Model and aims to help people find a more spiritual and enjoyable way of living free from the bondage of active addiction – Scotswood Retreat is a unique sober house in Cape Town which has an holistic care philosophy and addresses the mind, body and spirit with access to amenities that promote overall health and well-being.

Build your Foundation for Sober Living at Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town

Guests can stay in residence in our sober living home from 30 days for as long as they need before venturing out into the world. We also offer an 8 week out-patient program of 2 group sessions a week, with one private session.

Many organized sober activities and groups are available to guests whilst they are in residence, ranging from early morning meditation, yoga, art classes, music in our dedicated music room, inspirational shares, support groups, and more…..

Out-Patient Program

We also have an out-patient program designed for clients who, for personal or practical reasons, cannot be admitted into a full Primary Care facility. It is also excellent for those who want to reaffirm what they learnt in Primary care.

A Gallery of our Tranquil Sober Home in Cape Town

Testimonials :

“I cannot recommend Scotswood highly enough, the patients are no longer referred to as such, but guests. It has been an excellent re-integration into society, but as we all know Cape Town society and London are somewhat different pressure wise”

Mrs Frieda, Mother of Guest

“Following my second time in primary treatment, I was fortunate enough to arrive at Scotswood Retreat. Breaking a 20 year cycle of substance abuse was never going to be easy, but my time at Scotswood was undoubtedly the most important factor for me, in finding a new way to live. The invaluable input, and genuine care I received from Ruby, Inshaaf, Lee and Louisa has been the start of an amazing journey from me, and I will always remember the place where my life changed for the better. Thank you Scotswood”

Ross McAslan

“Scotswood Retreat was the biggest blessing I could have asked for in my early days of recovery. I can definitely say that going to Scotswood was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. Being surrounded by such caring and loving people with such amazing energy has left me with a ton of positivity in my life. Everyone at Scotswood was always there for me, the group sessions are informative and therapeutic which eased me through the tough times.
Waking up in such a beautiful place every morning with so much warmth and serenity around you makes you feel at home very quickly. The only downside I had with Scotswood is that I had to leave!
Scotswood gave me a wealth of knowledge about myself and my recovery, the ability to get in touch with my spirituality and most importantly I left with the positivity and courage to live my life to the fullest, and for that I am eternally grateful”

Ryan Frewen

“I have really loved my time here over the last 3 months. I feel you have created an ethos of care, safety and peace – which is exactly what I needed during this stage of my life and my recovery. I will forever be grateful for all your help – you have no idea how much it has meant to me.”

Lee R.

“I am writing to you to thank you for the time that I was privileged to stay with you at Scotswood Retreat. This was the best decision I made when leaving Akeso. I am so grateful for you Julia and Louisa – it was a truly peaceful environment to relax away from where I had found myself and it afforded me the serenity to concentrate on wholesome things in a safe environment. I can truly say that my stay with you encouraged and helped me to get where I am today in my recovery. I not only found the peace I needed but also my family life has become so much better. I believe that without the opportunity to stay at Scotswood for two months I would not be where I am today.”

Gustav Struwig

“Scotswood retreat held such a great space for me to heal and grow in my recovery. I’m so grateful to Louisa, Ruby and the incredible RA’s she’s hand selected. Louisa’s attention to detail and understanding of what’s needed in the process of recovery shines through in all that Scotswood has to offer. To be in THIS safe space as I started the process of integrating back into society is ‘Hands down’ one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my recovery. Relapse and coming out of the dark pit of addiction calls for a secure and homely environment, Louisa and her team have created this on all levels, not a stone left unturned. I would highly recommend Scotswood to anyone who is serious about there recovery.”


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