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Have you been clean from your addiction for 45 days and worried about what’s next – where you or your loved one will go that’s affordable –  or where you can extend your treatment? Scotswood Retreat is a sober living home in Lakeside, Cape Town which offers not only a beautiful and comfortable home for your extended treatment, but most importantly a supportive and structured environment which encourages guests to get back into real day-to-day life with the care and daily support that is necessary to start again.

Research shows that the longer guests stay in some form of treatment, actively following their recovery program, the more likely they’ll stay clean. We offer a home-from-home environment with a counsellor on site daily, Recovery Assistants every evening, Relapse Prevention groups once a week, daily serenity every morning to set you up for the day, weekly goals groups and most importantly our House Manager Louisa who lives on the property full time.

A Nurturing Sober Environment

Scotswood Retreat is a welcome retreat for individuals who would like to continue their recovery journey in a safe, comfortable, nurturing and sober environment. We encourage guests to take ever-increasing responsibility over their day-to-day lives, freedom of movement, financial responsibility and decision making.
We have both international and local guests who can either find a job or go back to work, study, or get involved in volunteer projects, which we facilitate. We do not allow guests to sit around, we encourage them to get up with our early morning ‘serenity’ at 7.30am every day, and have a goal for the day. We arrange outings, encourage daily NA or AA meetings (of which there are plenty in the area), have fun cooking every evening in our large country kitchen and all guests then eat together at our large dining table. We have 2 dogs (Poppy and Ellie) as well as our resident cat (Max) on the property which encourages the homely atmosphere.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is based on the 12 Step Model and aims to help people find a more spiritual and enjoyable way of living free from the bondage of active addiction – Scotswood Retreat is a unique sober house in Cape Town which has an holistic care philosophy and addresses the mind, body and spirit with access to amenities that promote overall health and well-being.

Build your Foundation for Sober Living at Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town

Guests can stay in residence in our sober living home from 30 days or for as long as they need before venturing out into the world. We also offer an 8 week out-patient program of 2 group sessions a week, with one private session per week.

Many organized sober activities and groups are available to guests whilst they are in residence, ranging from early morning meditation, yoga, art classes, music in our dedicated music room, inspirational shares, support groups, and more…..

Support Programs

We have the following additional programs available which will assist you in your recovery whilst you are at Scotswood. These programs are also offered to out-patients.

Out-Patient Program

The out-patient program is designed for clients who, for personal or practical reasons, cannot be admitted into a full Primary Care facility. It is also excellent for those who want to reaffirm what they learnt in Primary care. Many of our in-house guests also attend this program.

Sex Addiction Closed Group

This program helps our guest/client shift the focus of their thoughts and behaviours. In addition, they will also be provided with a variety of techniques and tools that can be used to reduce the compulsive behaviour or ‘acting out’. This is also available to our in-house guests as well as out-patients.

Testimonials :

“I just wanted to say thank you for this incredible stay, you both have made me so welcomed and loved, something I haven’t experienced in a long time.  I have really valued the amazing guidance and help towards my recovery, it has meant so much to me, more than you both could possibly know.  I will take all that you have taught me to practice, to be the best I can be back home.  Even though it was such a short stay you have given me more than the last two months that I have been in South Africa.  Thank you so much”

With Love, T

“I cannot recommend Scotswood highly enough, the patients are no longer referred to as such, but guests. It has been an excellent re-integration into society, but as we all know Cape Town society and London are somewhat different pressure wise”

Mother of Guest

“Scotswood Retreat was the biggest blessing I could have asked for in my early days of recovery. I can definitely say that going to Scotswood was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. Being surrounded by such caring and loving people with such amazing energy has left me with a ton of positivity in my life. Everyone at Scotswood was always there for me, the group sessions are informative and therapeutic which eased me through the tough times.
Waking up in such a beautiful place every morning with so much warmth and serenity around you makes you feel at home very quickly. The only downside I had with Scotswood is that I had to leave!
Scotswood gave me a wealth of knowledge about myself and my recovery, the ability to get in touch with my spirituality and most importantly I left with the positivity and courage to live my life to the fullest, and for that I am eternally grateful”

Ryan F

“I have really loved my time here over the last 3 months. I feel you have created an ethos of care, safety and peace – which is exactly what I needed during this stage of my life and my recovery. I will forever be grateful for all your help – you have no idea how much it has meant to me.”

Lee R

“Scotswood retreat held such a great space for me to heal and grow in my recovery. I’m so grateful to Louisa, Ruby and the incredible RA’s she’s hand selected. Louisa’s attention to detail and understanding of what’s needed in the process of recovery shines through in all that Scotswood has to offer. To be in THIS safe space as I started the process of integrating back into society is ‘Hands down’ one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my recovery. Relapse and coming out of the dark pit of addiction calls for a secure and homely environment, Louisa and her team have created this on all levels, not a stone left unturned. I would highly recommend Scotswood to anyone who is serious about there recovery.”


“Following a 3 month stay in a primary treatment facility for my Eating Disorder, I was not ready to return to the UK and needed a place to stay to continue to work on my recovery in all of my addictions and to bridge the gap between residential care and ‘normal’ life. Scotswood not only provided this safe space, but a truly healing environment in a beautiful setting and home. I feel supremely grateful and privileged to have been able to continue working on the issues underlying my addictions in an environment that helped me to be so much more in addition to accountable and sober. My treatment centre saved my life. Scotswood enabled me to LIVE.”


“I always feel home at Scotswood and I treasure the moments I spend there. It is a place where I can learn, grow, laugh, cry , share, listen, get inspired, relax, think …. and most of all eat well!!!!I have full trust in you, in your program, your work, your slice of Paradise you have create at Scotswood, as the people staying there are the pure image of the care and attention you are putting in each life you meet.”

Wife of Guest

“I felt safe and supported from the minute that I walked into Scotswood.  The love and fellowship that I have found here as well as the staff’s expertise in dealing with addiction has equipped me with the tools to live in recovery.  I have never felt more alive and free in my entire life thanks to this wonderful journey that had been set in motion starting with getting clean.  My eternal gratitude to Scotswood Retreat.”

Guest (who wants to remain anon.)

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