Helpline : +27 (0) 63 634 1991

Pricing and Admission Requirements :

Scotswood is a home which is spacious, comfortable, warm and safe – with added touches which we believe make it special.

Scotswood Rates :

Local Rates in Residence:

Shared room : R14,900 per 30 days

Private Room : R16,900 per 30 days

International Rates in Residence:

Shared Room : R17,800 per 30 days

Private Room : R20,250 per 30 days

In-residence Rates include:

Daily Recovery Assistant (also available for private sessions), Evening meals 6 nights a week, Weekly Relapse Prevention, Weekly Goals group, Morning Serenity, On site safe parking, Excellent security and privacy, Housekeeping


All fees are payable in advance, before arrival.

A minimum of 2 weeks written notice period is required for all departures regardless of length of stay.


Out-Patient Program Rates :

* 8 weeks of 2 group sessions (Monday & Fridays, 3-5.30pm)

* 1 private session of 45mins per week if required

* Private sessions 11am–1pm or 3–5pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Cost for 8 weeks – R9800


In residence stay plus 8 week out-patient program

Normally R14,900 local sharing plus R9,800 = R24,700

Both as a package = R22,000 (client must be minimum of 45 days clean)

Guest Admission Requirements :

All Guests Must :

  • have completed primary care in a registered facility or be a minimum of 45 days clean from their addiction – or less, but only at our discretion
  • be referred by a facility or by medical professional ie. psychologist or psychiatrist
  • be over 18 years of age
  • stay for a minimum booking of a month (statistics show the longer you stay in a recovery/ supportive environment, the greater the chances of staying clean)
  • attend at least one meeting per week with a health care professional
  • attend at least 3 fellowship meetings per week
  • do step work with sponsor or in-house counselors
  • be willing to adhere to the requirements of the house

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