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Scotswood Out-Patient Program

The Scotswood Retreat  8 week Out-Patient program offers insight, support, mindfulness, interaction, pro-active and practical tools & methods with which to deal with alcoholism, drug & process addictions.

What makes our Program Different ?

Our unique process begins with an assessment that allows us to determine the presence and severity of a substance use disorder after which we create your personalized program.

The Scotswood Out-Patient program is the first of its’ kind to incorporate the 12 Step Program of recovery into the format.  Whilst dealing with all aspects of addiction, compulsion, powerlessness, unmanageability and behaviours, we will also be working the first 5 steps with practical scatterings of the other 7 steps.

We encourage individuality & creativity of expression through other mediums such as music & painting as we acknowledge that clients have very varied methods of communication.

Why Choose an Out-Patient Program ?

This program is designed for clients who, for personal or practical reasons,  cannot be admitted into a full Primary Care facility.  It is also excellent for those who want to reaffirm what they learnt in Primary care.

It is proven that group sessions are far more beneficial and engaging for successful recovery – as topics, issues & situations arise that others are triggered by or can relate to.

Our Approach

Working together with our clients we build hope, inspiration and a community environment based on a proven path to recovery. Our holistic 12 step approach allows us to offer the choice of freedom & relief from drug, alcohol, sexual compulsion & other addictions.

Our core belief is that recovery and quality of life is possible for those taking part in our program.  Collaboration, courage and compassion set the tone for the care we provide. We will always engage our clients with the respect and honesty they deserve, through every step of their journey towards recovery.

No two patients are the same, and our philosophy and diversity of treatment recognizes this. Our program is designed to acknowledge clients on their own individual journeys.  We guide you to wear recovery as a loose fitting garment and to start to experience joy in your life.  We are with you every step of the way as you learn the coping skills and tools you need to stay sober.  It’s a relationship for life.

When & Where ?

Start date – please inquire as to when you can start – invariably we have an intake every week

Location – “Weltevreden Manor House” 5 Boulder Road, Lakeside

Duration – 8 weeks of 2 group sessions (Monday & Fridays, 3-5.30pm) & 1 private session of 45mins per week if required

Private sessions 11am–1pm or 3–5pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Cost for 8 weeks- R9800


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